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Business Enterprise Survey

Are you thinking to startup your business in the North East of England? If so, we would love to hear from you.

We are planning to provide free enterprise business sessions/courses to BN(O)s in the region.By completing this short survey, you can help us get a clearer picture of your needs in setting up and running a business in the North East of England and better plan and improve our services.

The survey is entirely anonymous.

Please email , if you have any queries.
Are you a BN(O) status holder?
Are you living in the North East of England?
Are you interested in attending some free sessions around business enterprise?
If yes, would you like to attend a session that runs for the full day or half a day?
Are you happy to attend a session in person?
What day of the week would you prefer any sessions to be held?
Have you ever considered running a business?
What kind of business are you looking to set up?
What support do you need to take the next steps forward?

Thanks for submitting!

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