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F For  Hong Kong Protest Music用三期來重構這個民主運動的時間線。第二期收錄2019年八月到九月的作品及事件。根據每首作品的出版日期或內容來記錄一個重要事件,或闡釋運動的某些現象。


Popular music in Hong Kong is often criticised for being too commercial and lacking in diversity. However, the protest movement has breathed new life into the local music scene. Many amateur and professional musicians alike have made music of different genres to respond to the movement, providing an authentic local perspective to understand the dynamics and nuances of the series of events.


Music has also taken a more political role and become a means to protest. We have witnessed the power of music, be it through performing spectacular singalongs at shopping malls, singing hymns at the police forces, or playing drums at the scenes of protest.


Seeing the extraordinary power of music in the movement, we believe it is of utmost importance that all these musical utterances would not only be well-documented but also receive the recognition and respect they deserve.


Reconstructing the timeline of the events, the second volume covers the most intense phase of the movement: August and September of 2019.


In the book we use each song to either illustrate an event or elaborate on a protest-related phrase or phenomenon according to its release date or content. Apart from chronicling the movement, the book also contains interviews with musicians. Here is a list of all the songs featured in volume 2:

Please Show Your Warrant Card !

Day After Tomorrow

Fly With You

The Day We Take off Our Masks

Blossom Tomorrow


Liberate Hong Kong

Be Water

Fat Mama Has Something to Say

Stay Home and more

F For: Hong Kong Protest Music 香港抗爭音樂誌 Vol 2

  • ISBN 978 - 82 - 691209 - 2 - 9

    223 pages

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