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Hong Kong March Cultural Festival
Hong Kong Style Dessert Workshop
               UK Education Talk

Date: 12th March 2023, Sunday

Time: 3pm - 5pm

Location: Quaker Meeting House, West Avenue, Gosforth, 

                  Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE3 4ES

Fee: Free of Charge

Quota: 70 (First Come, First Served)

Which one will you join?

Thanks for your registration !

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A Taste of Hongkongese Culture - Hong Kong Documentary Screening and Education Talk

本會聯同 HKB  在英格蘭東北區舉行活動,分成兩個主題,誠邀大家前來參與,更加歡迎對香港文化及反修例運動有興趣的當地朋友一起交流!




地點:CCE 1-401, Business and Law Building, Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE2 1XA

由於場地面積及座位有限,是次活動需憑票進場,免費門票可於 上登記索取。



主題活動 1- 14:00-15:30











主題活動 2- 教育講座  15:30-16:00


以英國註冊教師身份 ,以不同的數據和角度 分析區內幾間中學 並分享在各間中學教學經驗觀察所得





NEHK is co-organising with Hongkongers in Britain in Northeast England for an afternoon of film screening and experience-sharing to celebrate Hongkongese culture. We warmly welcome you and your friends to join us for an interactive, community-oriented afternoon, and the audience will also be able to learn more about how the 2019 Protest Movement shaped Hongkongers’ identity.


Date: 30th April 2022 (Saturday)

Time: 14:00-16:00

Venue: CCE 1-401, Business and Law Building, Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE2 1XA

Seats are limited, please reserve your free tickets on Tickets must be shown upon entry.




Theme 1 -14:00-15:30

Hong Kong Documentary Screening (adults only), post-screening talk afterwards

About the films:

Director: Kanas LIU

'The Time of the Individual' (13 minutes)

'Comrades' (15 minutes)

Director: Fredie Ho-Lun CHAN

'Uneasy Walk' (9 minutes)

'Beautiful Life' (22 minutes)

All films are with English subtitles. Warning: Films contain scenes not suitable for children.


Theme 2 -15:30-16:00

Education Talk

How to choose right secondary school for your kids. From the viewpoint of a registered teacher in the UK, he will share his own experience in working with several schools in the region and he will analyse the available data to give a wholistic view towards the issue


Cantonese and English interpreter service provided 

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