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英國東北港人會館 「Project PMS」 正式啟動

英國東北港人會館今日非常高興宣佈,成功獲得the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities(英國政府地方發展 , 房屋和社區部) BNO Welcome Program Year 3撥款,將與不同專業人士,社區組織及教育機構共同展開英格蘭東北地區新服務Project PMS,為現時居住於英格蘭東北部的BN(O)簽證持有人及其家屬提供更多服務。

Project PMS在未來8個月會做以下三方面的工作:

1. 專業發展




3. 每月聚會


NEHK Officially Launched “Project P.M.S. ” for BN(O) Status Hongkongers in North East England

North East Hongkongers Club (NEHK) is pleased to announce today that we have successfully received funding from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities to deliver the Year 3 BN(O) Welcome Program. We will jointly launch our new project, “ Project P.M.S.,” with different professionals, community organizations and education institutions to provide further support and services to BN(O) status holders and their dependents living in North East England.

Project P.M.S. will provide the following supports in the next eight months:

1. Professional Development

To improve the employability and professional development of BN(O) status holders by subsidizing their CELTA training

2. Mental Health Support

To promote awareness and improve the well-being of BN(O) status adults affected by mental health issues.

3. Social Engagement

To provide an opportunity for the BN(O) community to connect with others and build social network.

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