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Fighting Against Tyranny is a book that reveals and describes the origin and truths behind the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement (Anti-ELAB Movement) in 2019. Details regarding all of the subsequential demonstrations and protests are also included within.


This movement became an unavoidable part of life for Hong Kong people in 2019. The Anti-ELAB movement has changed from a movement purely aimed at full withdrawal of the extradition bill, to a revolution of our time, which aims to liberate Hong Kong.

There were more than two million participants in the movement during its peak period. What was beyond our expectations is that thousands of young people sacrificed their lives and freedom. Our ultimate objective is to achieve the five demands, not one less. Because of our perseverance, we have also gained support and recognition from the international community.


Yet, the movement has not reached its end before the publication of this book. The number of participants keeps growing, more than four million people from Hong Kong have made contributions to this movement directly and indirectly. Protesting against tyranny is now a part of our life and has become a ‘new normal’. As the representation of our collective inner thoughts this book is worth owning. The author portrays the lives and stories of Hong Kong people with vivid expressions and photos, as if it is a diary written by everyone participating.

Fighting Against Tyranny

  • Author: Agni Woo

    ISBN: 978-1-83952-515-5

    First published in Chinese in 2020

    English language edition published in 2022

    255 pages

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